The lIGHTPIN project

The Light Pin is a project carried out by République Beirut for Unilever/OMO. It is an initiative to bring power to low income areas through innovation. The Light Pin is the world's first solar connected clothespin that is being tested around refugee camps in Lebanon with hopes that it can replace deadly alternatives to electricity such as kerosene lamps and candles.

LightPin is first and foremost a clothespin. We wanted it to have the same design. We designed it to be the same size and have the same functionalities as a clothespin in order for it to have a multi-use aspect as well as be familiar and practical for people in low income areas. We also wanted it to be compact as space is limited in refugee camps. Our challenge was to be able to store enough energy in such limited space to light up an led lamp all night. We introduced two batteries, one inside each clip connected to a single USB outlet. The 2 solar panels on each side would each send energy to respective batteries and once battery is depleted on one side the power moves to the second. The LightPin comes in multiple colors all the same shape and size.