A Series of Tables

The Study Beirut is a collaboration aimed at experimental design and material research, comprised of 3 designers: Tamara Barrage, Vrouyr Joubanian, and Lea Kirdikian. Exp I: Synergy delves into the sensory world of traditional Lebanese remedial herbs and culinary spices, spanning from the coastal souks of ancient Byblos to the crowded streets of Barbir and Bourj Hamoud. Although spices continue to form an important part of culinary life and the sensual experience of Lebanon, spice shops are slowly vanishing from its daily existence. These shops stimulate all of your senses: from mouth-watering aromas to vibrant colors to the delicate crunch between between your fingers. Capturing this seemingly ephemeral experience, Exp I: Synergy is what is seen, heard, smelt, felt, and tasted, caught in eternal suspension in all its beauty. The outcome is a series of assorted coffee tables that showcase and memorialize an age-old trade and tradition.

Exp I: Synergy was launched during Beirut Design Week 2015 as the by-product of our first collaborative project.