A Smartphone Application

The number of cars in Lebanon is growing non-stop. Payment facilities are numerous and making it easier for the individual to buy a private car, thus making the ownership rate in Lebanon around 1 car for every 2 persons. In 2011, there were 1.44 million cars in a population of 4 million. Beirut (the capital) has 3 main entrances: 280,000 cars come in from the North entrance, 77,000 from the South, and 56,000 from the East, which creates massive traffic jams that result in accidents, pollution, non-productivity and stress.
Because of the country’s natural conditions and geographical configuration, Lebanese cities have grown on an extremely ancient core and some streets have stayed painfully narrow, which makes it impossible to implement a train or a trolley system.

Spot is a software application that uses existing social networking methods to promote carpooling in Lebanon, in order to decrease the number of cars on the roads. It would be installed on a smart phone, or bought as a separate device.