A tongue-in-cheek approach to test politico-religious followers and leaders, Framed distorts the public speaker's head behind a magnifying film, simultaneously altering the speaker's voice to attain very high or low comical pitches.

Would the mass still follow a person if his/her head appeared to be double in size and if his/her voice would be that of a cartoon chipmunk? Being of a Lebanese background, I face these groups of people who blindly follow without doubt and questioning.


Television has become an everyday pass-time. Its daily news and news channels are our eyes and ears to the rest of the world. But due to the privatization of the media and its corruption, the news are choosing what to project, what to suppress and what to alter, thus making even the simplest of news look and sound graver than what it really is. This bombardment of over-intensified bits forms a crisis; a psychological warfare between viewers and their TV screens, with the politicians as the catalysts.
Being the usual sources of controversies, Lebanese politicians are of the same nature. Having 19 active political parties, lead by ever increasing incompetent politicians, there’s no wonder the average Lebanese viewer has his fears augmented, and panic instilled once the 8 o’clock news is over. We tend to believe in them. In their words. And in their actions. But we never stop to doubt if they are truly as honest as they claim to be.

FRAMED is a product that tests this hypothesis.

It is composed of 3 elements. The first being a metallic, chrome accordion base, allowing adjustability in relation to the speaker’s height. A frameless transparent magnifying film, to distort faces is the second component. This indirect and subtle film will not be visually present, for only its effects would. The last element being an integrated microphone that distorts the speaker’s voice to very high or low pitches.

FRAMED challenges the politicians of the world to stand behind it and still be credible. It challenges them to willingly distort their faces and voices, and to still have the ability to gather a crowd and change their minds. To use his/her verbal abilities to withstand an entire public appearance of the sort. It is a product on site, aligned with the microphones belonging to different competing news channels. This could have either one of two possible results: one being the ridiculing of the so-called ‘crisis’ – due to the inability of politicians to stay credible, or ending as a successful speech, despite its complete absurdity.

This will result in building a capable and talented politician, talking about a crisis. Talking about a crisis, only in a drama-free fashion.
FRAMED is a new way to spice up the news, and to absorb the broadcasts no matter how bad they come.