A Series of Decanters for House of Today

Whether tucked away in a dark place, pulled out for a religious ritual, or making the rounds at a house party, alcohol has a long history as a social practice. Condemned by some and welcomed by others, alcohol depends on its container. Its social function means nothing without something to hold it. Sometimes the container conceals the alcohol, allowing it to remain hidden and unknown. Other times the container identifies the alcohol, celebrates it, and encourages its consumption. From quick chugs to popping champagne bottles, the contain defines the etiquette of consumption.

The De[cant] collection plays with these tensions between celebrating the consumption of alcohol and forbidding it. Assembled from the superposition of layers of Corian, the decanters hide the liquid inside and conceal the carafe’s stopper. The decanters shapes, however, reveal their intended storage: wider bottoms are ideal for wine, while the slimmer models are perfectly suited for cognac and whisky. These beautifully designed containers emphasize the ritual and aesthetic practices of alcohol consumption. The acrylic container is lead-free to preserve the quality of the alcohol.