A Series of Decanters for House of Today

Consuming alcohol has long been a social practice, condemned by some for its inebriating power and welcomed by others as an accompaniment for food or as a recreational activity. Alcohol goes hand in hand with its particular rituals and common practices, but it is above all dependent of its container, as one cannot exist without the other.

In the forbidden circles, the container conceals the smuggled liquid, or on the contrary, helps identify its nature, while amongst the welcoming crowd, the different kinds of containers define the etiquette of its consumption.

One particular container bridges between the two worlds: the decanter.

This collection plays on the dichotomy between exhibition and concealment portrayed in the traditional crystal or glass alcohol decanter. On one hand, by emphasizing on the aesthetics of the container and ritualizing the act of consuming alcohol, the decanter elevates liquor to a higher status. On the other hand, it simultaneously hides the nature of the liquid, thus emphasizing the forbidden aspect of it and becoming its mask.

[De]cant is a collection of several alcohol decanters assembled from the superposition of layers of corian meant to hide the identity of the contained liquid as well as conceal the stopper of the carafe. The main acrylic container is lead free to preserve the quality of the alcohol. The different shapes are designed according to the types of alcohol they are meant to store: the decanters with the wider bottom are ideal for wine, while the slimmer models are better suited for cognac and whisky.