Design /dĭ-zīn’/   noun.
A process (not an outcome) that emphasizes dynamic approaches to identifying and solving problems through products, services, and interventions. 

     Product Design /prŏd’əkt dĭ-zīn’/   noun.
The conception and creation of physical artifacts that respond to users’ needs, their priorities, and the world they live in. 

     Service Design /sûr’vĭs dĭ-zīn’/   noun.
Optimizing services like transportation or healthcare by strategically planning and organizing all of the features that go into it, including the interaction between users and providers as well as their experiences. This branch of design acknowledges products as one part in a larger system that controls or determines human behavior. 

     Social Design /sō’shəl dĭ-zīn’/   noun.
The application of the design process and human-centered research tools to intervene in the social world. This branch emphasizes the social responsibility of the designer and advocates for social change and socially-oriented projects.

Vrouyr Joubanian is a multi-disciplinary designer and design educator whose sustainable design strategies aim to create social and systems change. He holds a master’s degree in product design (summa cum laude) from Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) and a second master’s degree in industrial design with a focus on social impact from the University of Arts in Philadelphia in the United States. A former Fulbright Scholar, Vrouyr’s extensive experience in product, service, and systems design, coupled with his expertise in customized design research and impact measurement tools, uniquely informs his human-centered design approach. He currently serves on the faculty of the Department of Design’s Global Design (MA) and Product Design (BA) Programs at ALBA, where he also leads the graduate program. Vrouyr is the vice-president and head of academic programs for MENA Design Research Center, where he was also the co-founder of Beirut Design Week, and also serves on the board of Les Ateliers de la Recherche en Design, an international association of francophone design research academics. Fluent in four languages, when not doing innovative human-centered design, Vrouyr practices photography and goes on runs with his dog.